PPR as a Business Initiative

Jeremy Fitzpatrick, NFINIT VP of Sales and Marketing
Denis Savage, NFINIT VP of Operations

Proactive, Preventative, Recoverable. You’ll learn how a program that balances emphasis on proactive measures and prevention is the most effective in ensuring recovery of data and operations after an attack.

The Path Back: Recovery From An Attack

Jeremy Fitzpatrick, NFINIT VP of Sales and Marketing
Kevin Johnson, NFINIT VP of Product

Examining real-world customer experiences with ransomware attacks,
we’ll explore:

  • A timeline of critical events from threat notification to final resolution
  • Types of demands
  • Roles of your team, outside forensic and technical experts, and your cyber insurance provider
  • Unexpected costs and consequences

Security Awareness Training: Transforming Employees Into Human Firewalls

Jonathan Bochinski, NFINIT Director of Security and Compliance
Expert from Sophos

Employees were the point of entry for most headline-making ransomware attacks. So how do you create a culture of security? We’ll review:

  • How to evolve security awareness training from a single annual session to an ongoing program
  • Real-world metrics for employee behaviors
  • Processes and tools for building a successful program